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Why do RC airplanes crash?

There are several reasons why our beloved planes meet an untimely end.

The number one cause is pilot error; either the pilot is flying beyond his or her abilities, or flying a plane that's too advanced or simply unsuitable for his/her level of experience. Or perhaps they make a genuine mistake because of, say, disorientation - even experienced rc pilots make the wrong stick movements sometimes!

Equipment failure is another reason. In fact pilot error is commonly disguised as equipment failure!
Unwanted radio interference is a known killer of rc airplanes, but with the advent of 2.4GHz radio control systems this is becoming less common, fortunately for us pilots. Having said that, though, 2.4GHz radio control systems aren't as infallible as initially thought and you only need to browse internet forums to see that there are pilots out there who have lost aircraft because of problems with such systems. Thankfully, though, it doesn't happen too often.

Flying surface or control surface failure can also be the guilty culprit in bringing down our planes, especially if the builder did a less than satisfactory job on the hinges!

Yep, there are several different reasons why rc airplanes crash. Prevention is better than cure, but sadly it takes a crash to figure out what went wrong and hopefully prevent it happening again in the future. This hobby is all about learning from our mistakes, and sometimes we have to do it the hard way!